How Amazon Web Services is boosting up the power of Netflix ??

Isn’t it amazing that amazon is running the whole netflix ??

Yes, ofcourse and that’s why netflix has a huge market around the globe.

In early 2016, netflix had been shifted over to cloud, AWS. Initially when netflix was using DVD subscription services, it was having a lot of issues regarding this because customers were not getting the DVD’s on time, there was always some delay in the service of netflix as in those days netflix identified some database corruption was the main cause for the delay in services.

Then, Netflix decided to migrate to cloud and then they started giving digital services to the customers by using aws services in its working because it was becoming very much complex at that time to manage that huge database.

When Netflix migrated to AWS, the cloud platform provided them the needful features to grow the company’s business helped them ultimately to maintain it’s growth. And from that day when AWS started running netflix, the demand and business of netflix have tremendously increased and now it’s usage is at the peak. There is one line which netflix had said some time is “Supporting such rapid growth would have been extremely difficult out of our own data centers; we simply could not have racked the servers fast enough.”

Now with the huge back hand of aws, netflix is running in around 190 countries and it has 180+ million subscribers making the netflix the world’s largest streaming service of entertainment . 100,000+ aws instances of netflix are running in the data centres of aws. Across the globe, there are 3 regions and 12 avalaibility zones of aws where the servers of netflix are running and will keep on increasing when the huge traffic came.

There are 160+ million hours of streaming per day and 10,000+ streams start every second at peak times.

That’s how netflix moved to aws to eliminate heavy lifting and have a agile working. Netflix’s cloud database usage followed a pay-as-you-go basis, which helped them save costs. As, we all can see by using services from cloud providers like AWS for streaming, Netflix expanded its network of servers (both physical and virtual) from North America to the rest of the world, including areas like Europe and India.

Despite more competition, Netflix still has the largest subscriber count in 2020 because of this corona pandemic.

Netflix is one of the largest Amazon Web Services users and could be spending around $9.6 million per month for AWS.

How tremendously netflix’s market is increasing is just another level.

It believed that AWS not only provides for reduced costs but also enables better infrastructure capabilities for the companies. After shifting to AWS, scaling became so consistent as petabytes of data could be used to stream videos within minutes, thanks to elasticity of the cloud. Based on user demand and with the help of AWS, Netflix could scale-up or down their data storage. Thatshow netflix is growing faster and faster and have a huge market nowadays.

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