Integration Of Jenkins With Nexus !!

Nexus is a repository manager. It basically allows us to gather and deal with our self generated artifacts, so we are not bothered to manage different JARs. It makes it simple to convey your product. Internally, we configure our build to publish artifacts to Nexus and they then become available to other developers. So, here what we are going to do is to integrate jenkins with nexus.

Step-1 We have first downloaded the nexus server in our machine from this site.

Step-2 Now, we start this nexus server with the command nexus.exe /run

Step-3 Then, we will hit localhost:8081 in browser and create a repository in nexus server:-

Step-4 Then, we did some configuration in my maven project’s pom.xml fie so that our artifact can be deployed to that specific repository we have created above:-

Step-5 Now, we have made some changes in settings.xml file of our maven so that nexus can authenticated by maven.

Step-6 Now, Download nexus plugin in jenkins

Step-7 Set jdk path from your local machine in jenkins

Step-8 Set nexus server url and give proper credentials of nexus over here

Step-9 Have one maven project in github(above pom.xml file is of this project)

Step-10 Create a job and give these configuration


Step-12 Now, after successful job completion our jar file has been deployed to the nexus server:-

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